Child Custody Attorney in Naples, FL

Visitation and Child Custody Modification in Collier County

When two parents decide to end their relationship, that doesn’t end their responsibility to their children. When this arises, parents will have questions about child support, how long payments will be made, how much will be paid, and what visitation rights will be determined. With the help of Charles Erickson, an experienced Florida child custody attorney, you can get answers to these important questions regarding child custody laws in Florida that will affect your life and your family. 

Hire a Child Custody Attorney

Charles Erickson has many years of experience representing clients in Naples, FL as well as Everglade City, Marco Island, and surrounding Collier County, Florida communities. He has been successful at helping individuals to determine the best result for everyone involved in this situation. He also understands that children can get caught up easily in these life changes and he helps to make sure that the child support given is fair.

Child support is generally calculated by looking at the number of children involved, the income of both parents and the visitation/custody arrangements in place. The amount is decided based on the cost of living for the child and the parent who has the most custody, the cost of their schooling, and also their insurance. Mr. Erickson can help you to ensure your rights are protected throughout this difficult and complex legal process. 

Child Custody Modifications

Oftentimes, after a child custody order has been given by a Florida court, there are a few post-judgment modifications that can be made. This includes how much time each parent gets with the child, when that time is, how parents make decisions regarding the child, and also the overall parenting plan for the child and his or her parents together. This parenting time modification can be requested at any time. Charles Erickson is experienced with child custody modifications and can help his clients to get the plan that they think is best for their child or children.

Some instances that a modification may occur includes:

  1. The non-custodial parent’s work schedule changes
  2. The non-custodial parent moved closer or farther from the custodial parent
  3. The child’s preference has changed
  4. One parent is being irresponsible (proof required)
  5. One parent seeks relocation with the child

Understanding Visitation Rights

Visitation orders may need to change at certain times of a parent’s or child’s life. During this time, it’s important to hire an experienced child custody attorney who has experience dealing with these types of arrangements and can help negotiate a plan that works best to the liking of both parents and also be in the best interest of the child or children. He has helped mothers and fathers to get the court orders that work best in their favor. With years of experience, when you’re facing child custody issues in Florida, it’s time to call Charles Erickson for a consultation. During this important phone call, he can discuss your case with you and answer any questions you may have about his services. To learn more, call 239-430-1126 today.