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Child Support Modification

When it comes to providing for your child after a breakup or a dissolution of marriage in Florida, child support is established. The number of children, the income of both parents, and the custody/visitation arrangements in place all help to determine a fair number in terms of child support payments. Charles Erickson has years of experience representing individuals seeking child support help pay for daily expenses of their child or children in Naples, FL as well as Everglade City, Marco Island, and surrounding Collier County, Florida communities. One’s standard of living as well as their schooling and insurance costs are all factored into the final payment amount.

How a Child Support Attorney Can Help 

This process is complicated and can often be a struggle when the two parties can’t agree. Charles Erickson knows what paperwork to fill out and also has experience negotiating with other parties in order to get a fair resolution for both parties that is in the best interests of the child of children. He can represent you when you need legal counsel the most by your side protecting your rights and your children’s.

Child Support Modification in Florida

If you have an existing child support order in place, a parent can file for child support modification any time there is a change in circumstances. The Florida child support statues allow a change if one’s income changes, whether it goes up or down. There is no amount the income must change before filing for a modification. However, the revised income must result in the child support amount changing at least 15%, or by $50.

Modification of child support can also change if parenting time changes. For instance, if parenting time is split, then this may result in a lower child support payment. Child support is calculated by the parenting plan pattern. Obviously, this will depend on each specific case, but Charles Erickson can help represent you during all court proceedings to ensure the results you deserve.

Another instance that child support modification is justified is if expenses change. For example, if daycare prices go up or if someone’s temporary alimony ends, meaning their income decreases, which would lead to the need for changed support. Also, if a child’s or a parent’s health insurance costs change, this may yield the need for more child support too. Other instances that child support modifications apply include the loss of a job or the child graduates high school.

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